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Alcyone Magana

Alcyone is passionate about life and documenting all of the beauty in it. She enjoys writing, photography, graphic design, painting, and connecting with new people. She is interested in social justice, women's rights, psychology, and the media. She was heavily involved with her high school's News Magazine as the Creative Director. She has also traveled to Duke University in the summer to study psychology. Her goals for her year are to try to connect all of her passions into a product that can raise awareness, be able to speak in a new language, and to be the most concentrated version of herself as possible.


These Small Threads

March 31, 2015

October The afternoon light shone through our kitchen window to reflect off the oil-stained aluminum foil that covers the wall behind the silver gas stove. I leaned against our concrete counter-tops and carefully tried to cut tomatoes with the one knife we owned, the knife that just couldn’t quite cut through the skin and ended...

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You Must Do the Thing You Think You Cannot Do

February 2, 2015

My veins that ran like rivers through the canvas of my hands shook and blurred from my sight. I blinked and shook my head and chanted sin miedo, sin miedo / without fear, without fear as I tried again to repeat a motion that was once second nature. The mascara wand brushed through my eyelashes...

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Clarifying Chaos

October 23, 2014

Two winters, and what seems like a lifetime ago, I read a sentence that went something like this: If you’re in a creative void, stuck, and not making progress, simply stand on top of your chair and observe… this simple shift in perspective will provide clarity and perhaps will bring new ideas to what you’re...

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