Being a Part of the World

When I was a little kid, I can remember watching shows like Taboo, where viewers are exposed to the peculiar cultures of other places in the world. One thing I can vividly recall is how mesmerized I found myself staring into the television, a prepubescent boy, with little more to his name than big dreams and aspirations, in reverie of the countless different ways of life. Things we take for granted or are repulsed by might be the very meaning of life to another individual.

This fact, the fact that all over the world things are done in countless different ways with varying priorities, the fact that not every group of people puts value in material possessions, fascinated me to no end. I wanted nothing more than to be apart of the world as a whole, to know the world in more aspects than might the average person,  not only to experience different cultures as a third party, but to live and to be a part of them.

Over  the years I found my dream diluted by the stresses and demands of everyday life school. But every so often I would find myself  day dreaming, somewhere in some far away place where the petty grievances of a teenage boy were no longer relevant. After these day dreams, I often found myself feeling depressed and trapped living in a small town where everyone knew everyone and the same things go on everyday, with a deep longing to do something substantial to see something new, so when my older sister referred me to Global Citizen Year, I could hardly contain my elation. I was finally taking the first step to achieving my life long aspiration. I am adamantly looking forward to my Global Citizen Year experience and I can’t wait to get started.