Tessalyn Morrison

Three passions drive Tessalyn: traveling, art, and medicine. Last year she received the Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange Scholarship to live in Germany for one year, where she witnessed the ability of intercultural experiences to foster global understanding. Tessalyn is the President of her school’s Model UN Club, a violist, an avid painter, and a lover of old maps.


A Kichwa Dream

  [Note: This event happened near Christmas, but the message is still applicable to my life now.]       “Do you want to go [incoherent words in Spanish]?” “Sure. Where are we going?” “[Incoherent name of town in Ecuador]!” “Alright. What time do we leave?” “Six in the morning on Saturday.”   It was…

27 March, 2012

My Day in the Life

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31 January, 2012

When She Wears a Skirt

It is 10 AM and you are hungry, so you decide that you would like to take a break from your semi-mediocre job at managing the karaoke equipment at the bar in this sleepy little town to walk over to Comidas Típicas. At this small restaurant, you see the maito and Kichwa families…and then you see…

27 December, 2011


(The fact that this is from Halloween is a testament to my adaptation into Ecuadorian culture) Witches, tarantulas, haunted houses. Yes, all perfectly scary, but this Halloween nothing is scarier than “BIG PROBLEMS”. A month ago, another fellow and I had a conversation about how Global Citizen Year’s motto should be this phrase because each…

10 December, 2011

Lightning, Bugs, and Lightning Bugs

Nothing cheers you up after a day of dropping thermometers, dealing with screaming feverish children, and language misunderstandings like big, huge bugs and giant rainstorms. In all seriousness…nothing does. Sometimes I feel like I am living on the Discovery channel. Even in my own house you can see the mile-long lines of ants carrying leaves,…

11 November, 2011

Not a Mexican Restaurant

View from the Spanish classroom As fellows we were all asked questions before we left about why we were taking a gap year. In my house it was “Will this experience be worth it?” If I had already been abroad for a year in Germany, then was I wasting time before starting my career? After my first week…

22 September, 2011

Travel Bug

To say that I have caught the travel bug would be a little bit of an understatement. I have caught the travel elephant and am enjoying every ride. Travel has become a passion of mine and has given me more exposure to the world than I can handle at some points. In this extremely malleable…

14 July, 2011

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Tessalyn Morrison