Stephanie Zambrano

Stephanie attended Oakland’s Mandela High School Law and Public Service Academy, where she is proud to have been involved in the Homie Empowerment Project. Through this project, Stephanie fought for social justice and human rights for undocumented workers by helping lead a 100-block march to Oakland City Hall and organizing a Day Laborer food program. In addition to her work with the Homie Empowerment Program, Stephanie also enjoys playing volleyball, softball and soccer for her school and performing community service.


From my current placement to my future placement

Hello, my name is Stephanie Juanita Zambrano. I am 18 years of age and I live in inner-city Oakland, California. In my community there are a lot of ignorant people and a lot of violence that takes place, as many of you know by my description of my home town as being “inner-city”. A lot of people, when surrounded…

15 July, 2011

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Stephanie Zambrano