Sara Ahlich

Sara is passionate about the environment, learning, and making connections. She is involved in soccer and softball, and participated in several school clubs. Her goals for the year are to gain fluency in Portuguese, explore the natural environment, and find a new community of friends and family in Brazil.


8 Months in 8 Pictures

Yesterday, I presented to several classes about my Global Citizen Year. In creating my presentation, I realized how hard it is to pick a few pictures, or a few stories, to properly convey my time in Brazil. Each picture has layers of experiences behind it,…

15 May, 2019

What I Did, and What it Cost!

Global Citizen Year offers 15 days of independent travel during the months of December to February. It may not seem like much, but you can do so much in those two weeks! My independent travel have definitely been highlights of my year – it’s nice…

03 March, 2019

Day(s) in the Life

My schedule has changed up quite a bit since the beginning, as has my mindset on my GCY year. Correlation? I think yes. The following was my schedule from September to December. – 7am to 10am: wake up naturally, as my job starts late and…

03 March, 2019

The Basics of GCY Brazil

Global Citizen Year is a program that gives the Fellows lots of support – not only through staff, but also by providing a large group of students who are experiencing similar things. However, the many variables involved (host family, apprenticeship, language, location, fellow, etc.) ensure…

02 March, 2019

Blog Post 1

Today is our last day at the Stanford campus (and coincidentally, the day this blog is due!). It's been a long week – meeting dozens of Fellows and speakers from all over, workshops and seminars on countless topics, and the fact that this is only…

31 August, 2018

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Sara Ahlich