Mackenzie McMillen

Mackenzie became involved in Planned Parenthood Association of Utah's Teen Council during her senior year of high school. She was outspoken during the 2012 Utah Legislative Session against a bill that proposed the elimination of sex education curriculum in schools. She has written for her HS newspaper, and loves journalism and film, particularly how they are used to tell stories.


What I’ve Seen from Seat #24: La Madrugada

It’s Wednesday and it’s 5:25am, which means I have to run. The challenge is to make it from my room to the bus station in under 4 minutes. The stakes are high; if I don’t make it there’s a chance I’ll have to stand for the majority of the 2-hour bus ride to Riobamba for…

23 April, 2013

Saber y Conocer

The summer before senior year I realized that after five years of French classes I could introduce myself and order a meal but that was about it. I attribute this sad fact to 70% my goofing off in class and 30% the weaknesses of the language program at my high school and junior high. I…

27 March, 2013

The Foot Experience

I don’t know what, if any life lesson can be learned from the past three weeks but I’ve come to realize that not every event needs to have a lesson attached to it. Maybe there’s a lesson but frankly I’m too exhausted by this whole thing to uncover it right now. So I’m just going to tell you what…

07 March, 2013

La Novena: Giving and Receiving

I sit silently looking at the Christmas decorations around the living room of my oldest host brother’s house. Though I have a vague idea, I’m still looking for clues as to what exactly we’re doing here this evening. When I asked my mom where we were going she used a word I didn’t understand and in the moment, as…

15 January, 2013

Un Dia en Mi Vida

Here’s a glimpse of what my life is like here in Alausí, Chimborazo. More blog posts coming soon!

04 January, 2013

Blind Faith

About thirty minutes before we were all about to meet our Quiteño host families I decided I needed to call home, which I hadn’t done since we arrived in Quito four days before. This was not, per se, the best thing I could have done in that moment because as soon as I heard my mom’s voice through that…

31 October, 2012


I recently opened my very first debit card. As you would expect, my parents cautioned me against using it frivolously and reminded me that it’s easy to loose track of how much one spends when the money isn’t tangible. I took heed and promised myself I wouldn’t get carried away. Still, I was eager to…

10 July, 2012

Curious about Global Citizen Year? This is a great place to start.

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Mackenzie McMillen