Jovana Jovanovska

Jovana is passionate about cross-cultural exchange, volunteering and learning new languages and cultures. She has been involved in a couple of local NGO's with whose help she managed to participate in various youth projects, as well as she has been volunteering in a refugee camp for displaced refugees for two years. Her goals for the year are to share her own experiences and skills within a new community, to teach what she knows and to learn what she does not know yet. She is excited to start learning new langugaes and to immerse as much as possible in the Senegalese culture. Jovana's favourite quote is: The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday, therefore during the following year, she expects to develop as an individual and to learn new skills that will be of benefit in her future.


"If it’s different, is it wrong?"

Hey, My blog hasn’t been published yet even though it says it has. Can you check it out please? Best, Jovana On Wed, 28 Nov 2018 at 04:22, Jovana Jovanovska wrote: > I was born in a multi ethnic community. At an early age I…

30 November, 2018

"If it’s different, is it wrong?"

I was born in a multi ethnic community. At an early age I was exposed to different cultures, languages and religions. Amongst that, many times I’ve also experienced tensions and a lack of tolerance for “the other groups”. I was born in a region where…

28 November, 2018


Our whole lives are challenges, challenges that will make us happy or sad, but most importantly, ones that would shape us, make us think and experience. When I applied to take a gap year, one of the outcomes I wanted to achieve was to make…

14 August, 2018

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Jovana Jovanovska