Danielle Katz

Danielle is passionate about environmental sustainability, writing, and political activism. Throughout high school, she was an editor for her school newspaper, a volunteer for the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, and many more academic extracurricular. Her goals for the year are to learn how to view global issues in a more focused, local lens, as well as to take advantage of as many adventures as possible,and, of course, to learn Portuguese. She is continually inspired by her peers and their unstoppable drive to push for the world to be a better place.


Blending In

I wrote this blog in October, never posting it, wanting to know where my observations would go: “Two men frantically yelling ‘Mattheus’ and ‘Lucas’ up and down the street stop me while I’m walking to the bus. They explain that they have a meeting with…

06 March, 2019

I’d Rather Speak the 1000

For anyone reading this blog who knows me, you might say that I’ve always been a quite… conversational… human being. In the last learning seminar, the Brazil cohort discussed “alternative” story-telling methods, forcing us to reject our instincts and tell stories with minimal verbal input….

09 February, 2019

At Peace with Clichés

[image: image.png] It’s the intricacies in the ways our minds process the world. The mannerisms that you can’t express to other people, because your circuit is way too personal to be articulated, and you could never do it justice. But, more beautiful than being able…

14 December, 2018

An Evolving Answer

This time last year, I was writing essays answering “Why _______ University?” in 500 words or less. For the past 3 months I’ve verbally answered the prompt “Why are you taking a gap year,” and improvised a varying response each time. My reasons evolve, but…

19 August, 2018

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Danielle Katz