Brandon Richards

Brandon Richards is passionate about theater, social justice, and human connection. His goals are to learn Hindi, form a close bond with his host family and community, say yes to every opportunity, write as much as he can about his experience, and embrace this new way of life and independence. One of his favorite quotes is, "The open-hearted will inherit the earth." - Jeff Brown.



23 May, 2019

8 MONTHS IN A VIDEO   "When I see your light shine, I know I'm home." How was India? I have an incredibly difficult time putting into words the magnitude of my experience abroad. I've gained so much, and the past 8 months of my life have been a tremendous learning experience. I found so much beauty and depth in…

22 May, 2019


Vidhur, Niveditha, & Inder Vidhur & Rigs Ferna Zooni Momar Luciana Inaara Jack Ashley Jaime Alana (& Momar again)

22 May, 2019


I’m in an Uber with Jack and Luciana on my way home from our second regional reconnect when Luciana says “Do you think this is the best year of your life?” We had just come back from exploring Old City on a heritage walk, walking through Charminar, having several men come up to us and…

18 January, 2019


I’ve been struggling to sit myself down and write a blog post. I’ve written a bunch, but nothing with the intention of sharing it with the internet. Maybe with my friends, or my mom, or my cohort. The reason I haven’t published a blog is because talking about India, and painting a picture of India…

18 January, 2019

New York City to Hyderabad!

“It feels more and more real.”   People have been asking me nearly everyday since I was accepted to Global Citizen Year, how I feel about going to India.  I never really knew the answer to that question.  As time went by from winter to spring to summer I would just tell everyone the same…

24 August, 2018

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Brandon Richards