"You will leave when you start asking the right questions"

In September, Abby Falik, the CEO and founder of GCY, gave us one important advice:

“You will leave when you start asking the right questions.”

So, here are my questions I wonder:

1. How can we effectively challenge the single story people have about Africa?
2. How can we start decolonising our vocabulary and behaviour?
3. Sexual Assault and Rape – How do we stop manouvering around the problem, and start to actually adress it? How do we create a less patriachial society?
4. What does wearing cultural lenses actually mean? How does out history and culture shape our thinking and the decisions we make?
5. Why is love context dependent? Why can it survive here but not there?
6. How can we make humans realise that the planet is changing into an uninhabitable mess due to human action?
7. How can we stop our ignorance? How can we motiavte each other to ACT?
8. How can we raise awareness to environmental problems, if the biggest threat to a solution is our own ignorance? How can we wake people up?
9. What are ways to adress the lack of proper rubbish collection systems in Senegal? Who is responsible for this?
10. How can I make an impact without negatively reinforcing stereotypes and biases?
11. How can I act beyond my cultural lenses and biases?
12. How can we stop judging other opinions and actions just because they are different or unknown to what I am used to?
13. How can I effectively fight against the inevitable climate crisis but also prepare for the coming global climate refugee crisis?
14. How can I make an effort to understand non-western ideals and opinions? How can I start decolonising my thinking?
15. How can I complicate the narrative about Senegal for my family at home?
16. In order for Africa to become independent from the West, do we need Nationalism and Decolonisation or Globalism and Pan-Africanism? Or something completely different? Or a combination of those?