Would you rather?

Alison Rivera - Senegal

September 28, 2012

Let’s play the game “would you rather:”


Would you rather…


Would you rather travel to another continent or would you rather drive 6 hours north to a university?

Would you rather sit in a small class room that felt more like a family or would you rather sit in a university’s lecture halls?

Would you rather challenge yourself to speak French or would you rather sit in a room trying to perfect and improve your English vocabulary so that you can “sound smart”?

Would you rather surround yourself with a family of 29 Fellows or would you rather wander in an enormous campus?

Would you rather be greeted with a “Ca va?” every single corner you turn or would you rather be ignored in a city?

Would you rather hear the words of Wolof or would you rather hear someone gossip on a street corner?

Would you rather set foot on Goree Island or would you rather read about its history of slavery in a campus library?

Would you rather wake up to the prayer calls from the local mosques or would you rather snooze your alarm clock every morning?

Would you rather be admired for your bravery or would you rather be admired for your intelligence?

Would you rather learn about Africa by actually living there or would you rather learn about it by viewing the “save a starving child in Africa by donating 50 cents a day” commercials?

Would you rather accept the fact that all you know about Africa is one major misconception or would you rather learn about this vibrant place through unimaginable immersion?

Would you rather dive in head first not knowing what you are getting yourself into or would you rather have not escaped the monotony of formal education?

Would you rather be here, far from home, or would you rather follow the norm?

What would you rather?

Alison Rivera