World Changer

Kevin Hoang Pham. 18 years old. Born and raised in Olney, Maryland. Graduate of Sherwood High Sherwood’s class of 2013. And, most recently, potential graduate of Global Citizen Year’s class of 2014. There is more to my story than just fragmented jib-jab. Through my Global Citizen Year blog, I hope to dive deeper and explore the meaning of my interactions with people, places and things while in Ecuador. 

Now why is Kevvy participating in a bridge year before heading to Vassar College? My answer might be simpler than one would expect: I don’t know. I was voted “Most Likely to Change the World” for my senior superlative. Initially, I was ecstatic that my fellow classmates perceived me in such a positive light. Then I quickly realized how little I knew of this world that I was supposed to change. I was, quite frankly, just another sheltered teenager living in a middle class suburb. Thus began my journey to learn as much as possible about the world outside of the United States. I am currently attending a four-week U.S.-European diplomatic camp called the Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellows Summer Institute at Purdue University. Europe checked. Afterwards, I will head to South Korea on a two-week cultural immersion program. Asia checked. Lastly but most definitely not least, my journey takes me to Ecuador for 7 months with Global Citizen Year. South America checked. 

Though I probably won’t be changing it anytime soon, a better understanding of the world is definitely a step in the right direction.




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