Words From Ecuador

Lily Ellenberg - Ecuador

March 30, 2012

I am from eight thirty bedtimes and rising with the sun.

From devious little cousins and younger siblings.

From fresh fruit juice, ecua-shoes, and a new system of time.

From seemingly shy women and overtly forward men.

From fried yucca, comidas tipicas and yogoso sabor a naranja.

I am from open-air classrooms, school uniforms and unsuporvised recess.

From too many bug-bites, chickens and dogs.

From dark hair, brown eyes and tanned skin.

From ortiga, patacones and tiendas.

From leggings as pants, giggling mouths and rough hands.

I am from, San Ramon de Kuya Loma, Tena, Napo, Ecuador.

Lily Ellenberg