Womens Shelter in Sayasui, Ecuador

For the first four months, I volunteered at a women and children’s shelter. Right on the spot, it was a different place, many of these women, as well as children, were victims of the machismo culture. The kids were so full of life, and yet I could see they had a troubled past. Another thing I noticed was that I was the only male volunteer, it ended up being real because I felt lots of resentment and judgment because I was a dude. I guess you can say that I experience extreme sexism for really the first time in my life. It opened my eyes and I tried to break this mold of are perceptions that many of the moms had. I saw that working with the kids and earning their trust, and sometimes love did change those bad vibes that were coming my way. But after four months, I needed change and wasn’t a trained employee, so I moved on.

[vc_video link=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lo0MMnbgu0k&t=3s’]