Wolof 101

[image: DSCN0738.JPG]
(A candid picture of the best person in Senegal aka Yaye Bouba Diop Fall)

How do I get around Senegal with a language only spoken by 10 million
people globally? Here are some common phrases I use daily and my favorite
words that are fun to say.

How much is this? -> ñaata la?
This is too expensive (lower price) -> woñiko
I am tired -> da ma sonn
I am hungry -> da ma xif
I am full -> suurnaa
I forget -> fateenaa
It is tasty (or it is nice) -> neexna
It is hard -> da fa meti or metina
You are beautiful -> da nga rafet
I don’t like fish and rice every day -> Begguma ceebujenn busbenekk
I don’t care -> Lo def bakna
I am leaving -> maangi dem
How are you? -> na nga def?
Mboos vs. moos -> plastic bag vs. cat/intelligence
Problem -> Jafe-Jafe
Hand -> loxo
Trash -> mbutti
Crazy -> Dof
Bayma! -> leave me alone!

Quick update on my life (November to January):
– Concluded global launch at some really nice beach city (Somone)
– Finally started to teach in front of students
– Went to at least 8 marriages (maybe more) with my host family
– Went to Dakar for Thanksgiving
– Visited Goree Island (where the House of Slaves is located)
– Went to St. Louis (basically New Orleans — but in Senegal)
– My sister and dad came! We went to Dakar, St. Louis, Bandia Nature
Reserve, and Thies (where I currently live)
– Celebrated my Christmas in a gelato parlor
– Celebrated New Years in my room with sleeves of Oreos

(Serious posts and updates will resume TBA)

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