Winter/Spring Update

Sam Reeve - Ecuador

April 23, 2013

Hola desde Ecuador! Let me get the elephant out of the room: I’ve been worse and worse with communication as the year has progressed because I am so happy and content with my life here that I practically fear communication with people on the “other” America. So I’m extremely sorry for my absence from the e-blogging airwaves. I have only kept regular contact with my parents, but I hope to improve over my last month here.

As I said before, I could not be happier with my life here. I love my coworkers, family, friends, trees, rains, flowers, foods, and long bus rides so much. I spend a good chunk of my every day time alone in thought, whether in a 2 hour bus into Tena or during my 1 hour walk to work, and I have spent much of that time pondering so many wonderful things in life and just seeing what it is that we have to love everywhere in this world. While I haven’t solved any global problems yet, I’m sure if everyone took that time to himself/herself every day, the world would be a much happier and giving place.

I am currently working on my final project here in Cosanga which will be a brochure in English and Spanish which will include a brief history, list of annual cultural celebrations, restaurants, tourist activities, lodging, and general info. It shouldn’t be too hard, but I’ve got some hardcore interviewing with my grandfather who founded Cosanga, the president of my community, and other local giants approaching quickly.

My parents and I spent my birthday on an incredible trip to the Galapagos. The islands that really haven’t changed all too much since the days of Darwin truly represent conservation at its finest, and I hope the US will one day fund and advertise its parks like Ecuador. The only thing greater than the time in the islands was our time in my community with my coworkers and host family. What an AMAZING feeling to have my biological parents meeting and spending an afternoon with my family for the last six months. My moms and I shared quite a bit of tears as my host family shared with me how much love we’ve shared cooking, hanging out, and talking about life. I am forever grateful for the divine luck or intervention – I know not which – that has allowed me to grow up surrounded by love, devotion, and good humor in an often all-too-serious world.

I am less than one month from my departure from this country, and I am certainly not ready to leave. I have enjoyed my life so much over the last few months that I simply cannot just walk away from it all in just a few short weeks. However, I am ready for the next adventure. This year has further inflamed an adventure spirit inside me, and I know I’ll be ready for college when the time comes arrives. I only hope that I am able to return to this paradise away from home before it changes too much and before my host father loses any more abilities. Thank you for reading, and, more importantly, thank you for your patience with my year off. I do apologize greatly for those of you who have received more updates from my parents than from me.

As we say quite often down here, que les vaya bien y nos vemos pronto.


Sam Reeve