Why We’re Here

Priyanka Rao - Ecuador

September 15, 2011

Figuring things out

Training hit hard.  Standing over my 28 lbs suitcase, I only think “I didn’t pack for this.”  I didn’t have the shorts, the appetite or the expectations for two beautiful weeks inStanford University, California.

Training hit hard.  It hit with the punch of 56 different personalities from across theUnited States, gearing up for a year of adventure.  No matter the voices and accents y’all are gonna hear from our cohort, we tried our hardest to consolidate that vivacious driving spirit that brought each of us to Global Citizen Year.  And boy am I glad for each of you who took time to apply.

But training hit hard.  Andre and the rest of our awesome facilitators tried their hardest to destroy our expectations with the widest possible range of possibilities.  We heard everything from One World Futbol (NGO) and

Andy Gavilanes on 'Culcha Shock' at Stanford's History Building


Outward Bound, to Farah Sanchez speaking about diversity.  We had workshops on video-making and teaching English and even a pool party in the beautiful Palo Alto hills.

The longer I was there, the less I knew why, and the more I could take in stride.  I came out humbler, I came out committed and I came out with this one promise, ‘to love the experience and everyone in it.’

So thank you Abby, Andre and Nicole; thanks to all Global Citizen Year supporters, for making Training more than preparation, for making it an experience in itself.



Priyanka Rao