Why I Chose a Global Citizen Year

Anvy Tran

July 16, 2012

Hi everyone, my name is Anvy Tran, and I am an 18 year-old girl from Boston, Massachusetts. Growing up, I have always been keenly in tune with the way things taste, feel, look, sound, and smell. This has developed into my deep appreciation for all the wonderful things I have experienced, and it has stirred my curiosity to live in a world of exciting possibilities.

I think the best way to fully activate all of your senses is to feel truly alive. I love action, and I’m passionate about whatever I do, but through my experiences I have also learned to become a more sensitive person. I can feel intensely captivated at the beauty that exists around me, but I am easily touched with compassion, sympathy, and sadness at the frequent injustices that force me to realize that I too often live in a world of illusions. It is strange that although these injustices are shocking to me and make this world a little more difficult to comprehend, they are the fuel behind which my passion lays. I like to believe that this is just cosmic humor, but then again, there isn’t really anything funny about people suffering, is there?

Global Citizen Year is attractive to me because it gives me the opportunity to learn, realize, and struggle. I am so excited to grow in every way and to be part of a new community. I also cannot wait for the delights of being immersed into a new culture. I wonder what all these years of living a privileged American life has done to me; I am ready to learn and to be awoken.

Anvy Tran