This is a photo taken during global launch in Stanford. 

I thought a lot about what my first blog should be about. Many ideas popped up, but I always came back to sharing the main reasons why I was going for a gap year instead of heading to college. So welcome to my first blog listing why I decided to take a gap year: 

My first reason would be to prepare myself for college. After trying to meet endless deadlines while doing the IB for 2 years and still confused with what I wanted to study further, I really did not want to go to college with all the confusion. So I looked for other options and found global citizen year. With how GCY is designed, I felt that it would give me enough time to reflect and help me decide on what I wanted to do in college. 

My second reason would be because after living with people from around 80 different countries in Armenia, I wanted to be able to deeply experience as many cultures from around the world as possible. GCY offered me that by allowing me to stay in a country with a host family and have an apprenticeship which would connect me to the locals. After living in Armenia for 2 years and India for 4 years, I strongly feel that being able to connect to the locals is the only way to fully immerse and experience the local culture. 

My third reason would be because – as funny as it sounds- I wasn’t ready for adulthood. The thought of having to manage finance, live alone, get a job sounded very frightening to me. However since I have to learn from my mistakes, I felt that making mistakes right now and learning from them would prepare me better for the future.I feel that GCY allowing me to live independently with a new family and learn a new language in itself would be a step towards adulthood. 

Well, this is it for today! I hope you look forward to reading my next one. Can't wait to share this journey of my bridge year with you.