What would you do with a year?

A few short months ago I arrived back to the States after spending 8 months in Ecuador during my Global Citizen Year. In this short movie I have incorporated footage and photographs from the time I spent in Ecuador. The video highlights the main components and aspects of my Global Citzen Year: learning, giving back, exchage, uniting, adventure, exploring and experiencing the Ecuadorian culture. The footage includes clips of a salsa class the fellows participated in, my apprenticeship teaching in the mobile classroom and working with elementary and high school school students, expeditions with the Ecuador fellows to the Amazon, roasting guinea pigs – an Ecuadorian delicacy – with my host family, and an indigenous music festival.

The title of the video, “What would you do with a year?” is inspired by the words of Clara Sekowski, another Global Citizen Year Fellow who went to Senegal. She initially used this phrase on a t-shirt for her fundraising campaign, but also ended up using it to inspire our group of Fellows before heading off to our assigned countries in September last year.