What Have You Learned?

Just a small section from my answer to the question “What have you learned this year?”

“…So much. I’ve learned that while I am an outgoing and outspoken person I desperately need my alone time in order to stay mentally healthy. I’ve learned that no matter the situation I always try to see the best in people even if they may not deserve it or it may not be healthy for me. I’ve learned that I only allow a small amount of people to come extremely close to me and that I can become defensive ( rude) when other people try to – it’s one of my many flaws. I’ve learned that I love to care for people and love people and that is usually the driving force in most things that I do. I’ve also learned to fall in love with myself which I have never ever experienced before. But also that body image/size is a huge problem for me that I definitely still need to work on, which I believe is what holds me back from loving myself the most I possibly can. I learned that I look for, in other people, what I feel like I am missing or what I have missed out on throughout my life. I’ve learned that I still hate goodbyes and that leaving people I’m close to always leaves a huge dent in me…”

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