What Have I Gotten My Self Into?

Welcome to my first blog post!

I just want to address the fact that I have absolutely no idea what to share at this pointĀ šŸ˜…. The last three weeks have truly been a blur. I have had to pack up my life and put it in a bag, I have had to see family left and right in order to make sure I get to say goodbye to everyone, and I have had to come to terms with the FOMO that I have already started to feel while still being at home.

But really for me none of that really has mattered all that much because I have started to realize that I am not saying goodbye to anyone. All I am doing is saying see you later and that realization has really helped me feel comfortable and confident going into this Ā  next chapter of my life.Ā 

Ohhh yea and here is a GIF that IĀ believeĀ captures my emotions up to this point… ENJOY!!!Image result for gasp in spanish gif

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