what happens to people like me?

What happens to people like me?

Trying to understand life is hard ,when you’ve just started living . I wanna know whats next, where do I go after this , and I’m not talking about college . What does life have planned for me next , who do I ask? Spiritual advisors , life gurus, palm readers, who? My life is so sporadic it gets annoying. Sometimes I wish I was boring and normal and had everything planned out for me . Where I go to school, what job I’m gonna have, who I’m gonna marry , how many kids I’m gonna push or cut out. Is boring good ? Is normal good? Are those people considered winners in life?my answer to all this is … I don’t know. Security can only hold you down for so long , and then the what ifs come along.

What happens to people like me when you feel like your on another planet with people you’ve never met but have to depend on for support and comfort ? What happens when sometimes you just might not want to talk but have to because it’ll help you “grow’ in the long run? Why is it that all the hardships you go through in your life have to be related to “growth” somehow and not just hardships that people go through? Sometimes its good to be sad or angry or confused or stagnant . Its ok not to be ok. I’m not ok and thats ok. I don’t know what the universe or higher power has planned for me next. What I do know is that tomorrow when I wake up the water will be cold , my coffee or tea will be hot , and the bread that I eat everyday will be the same. After that …. Who knows?

-Malaak Glover