Welcome to the year.

Kevin Adriel Munoz - Senegal

December 16, 2017

6 am. As the first call for prayer comes from the mosque right next to my compound, the world of my room no longer new, I scrutinize with my ears the world beyond these four walls. With voices of early morning everyone starts to greet. My little niece mischievously escapes from her mom, it’s shower time.
My younger brother knocks on my door. Start the day. Go to the fields.
 “Miyu haç!” I jump from my bare bed, self-explanatory if you could feel the heat. I put my pants on, a t-shirt and I go to the encounter with the family’s donkey. once set the carriage, we head for the farm. As we go through bumps and potholes and good mornings, the roads seem to become much more narrow and sandy and the landscape turns from grey walls and huts to palm trees and baobabs among vast extensions of land. 
My brothers teach me songs on the way, for the path is long and we must entertain. 

Kevin Adriel Munoz