Too much was happening for the past three weeks , I discovered that my spiciness resistance has increased, I met my host family , I started my job at a primary school with 5th grade kids , I already know how to take the bus to my apprenticeship and to my Hindi classes, and perhaps the most important thing … I got used to not using toilet paper but water instead. 
I’m being exposed to an entirely new world that seems chaotic and sometimes overwhelming, but that is precisely the beauty of this place. I still cannot believe how well everything works despite the disorder and traffic, people will always be willing to help you and the mixture of a modern city with traditional Indian culture, make Pune the best place to understand how actually the world works and the injustice and disparities that the majority of the people have to deal with. 
Let me tell you something that became very personal to me and that I would like to share.
 This is my shocking experience at the school that I’m working at. Let’s start saying that there are three 5th grades A, B, and C, Two of these classrooms can barely speak English, and somehow they are working with textbooks in this language that is not one of their two mother tongues. The other class is more advanced, and I could easily communicate, it was more simple to work with them, and the classes are more dynamic and active. But this does not make any sense, Isn’t it supposed that all classes have the same level being all of them in the same school? Well, here is the problem, the school does not have enough teachers for all the classrooms, so they dedicated to focus only on one of them, taking away the opportunities and the rights to a quality of education that the other kids have.
This is just one example of the inequalities here and all around the world. I could not just ignore this problem because I don’t see why the other kids don’t deserve to be equally educated and can compete to get one of the few spots for High School since the Indian government only provide free education until secondary school. 
As I said I’m taking this very personal and serious, I’ll do all my best to help these kids to achieve competitive levels so they can go and perform better in their exams.This is the least with what I can contribute to try to break this cycle of inequality. 
On the other hand, I thought that I would be better to make a video that could summarize a bit of my first three weeks In India, I hope you can get a better picture of what I’m experiencing and what do I mean when I say that the chaos is the beauty of this place. I hope you enjoy it.