Mollie Maliscke - Brazil

September 3, 2019

The last place I thought that I would be after global launch is St. Paul Minnesota. And yet here I am sitting at my brothers dining room table eating watermelon. It feels wrong. I spent the last week preparing myself to go on this grand adventure how did I end up so close to home? I don't mind being here, it gives me a chance to work on my Portuguese and write this blog, but at the same time I see all the posts on Instagram and I get restless. My visa didn't get approved, well, not yet. My papers got lost not once but twice in the mail. I had to go to Chicago, track down my paperwork, go to the right post office just to find out that my envelope had been sent to the consulate an hour earlier after being kept at the post office for three weeks. That's why I'm eating watermelon thousands of miles away from where I'm supposed to be. 

Mollie Maliscke