Jocari Peralta - Senegal

August 26, 2017


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noun: wanderlust

a strong desire to travel.
“a man consumed by wanderlust
I never thought of wanderlust as something that I could be consumed by. But re-reading the sentence now I’ve re-imagined wanderlust as some sort of blood thirsty animal that hasn’t eaten for weeks, just dying to get its hands on any man or woman who lusts for travel, and consume them entirely until there is nothing left… and maybe that should scare me- being consumed and all by desire- but the truth is that I wouldn’t mind, and I’ll tell you why. 
Have you ever felt something, but didn’t quite know how to describe it? 
It’s as if your brain has frozen, and your vocabulary has been reduced to words as dull as good, bad, and sad. You know they do no good at describing how you really feel, know that they only scratch the surface, but you can’t really tell the difference between words that were never even cashed into your word-bank, so you settle. 
That’s how I felt whenever I’d try to describe how I felt about travel.
My tongue could never catch up with the beat of my heart and the rhythm of my soul… It was always too busy contemplating which unworthy word it would violate next to try and describe this wild sensation of a need for travel.
It wasn’t until I stumbled upon the word wanderlust that my tongue decided to join the band of heart and soul, at last able to eloquently express the lyrics to my inner-song.
I remember telling my mother at a young age that I wanted to travel the world. She never told me I couldn’t but she also never fueled my interest.
So what did?
I guess I’ve just always craved more, and not in the sense that I will never be content with what I am already blessed to have, but rather in the sense that life- this planet- is just too BIG for me to stay put in one spot forever. 
I’m a wanderer. 
Growing up in Camden, NJ gave me a lot of time to daydream about paradise. 
I didn’t always like what I’d see when I looked out of the window, so I’d often fantasize about other places. Like the ones I’d see in those romantic comedy movies! 
Also the fact that my family are all immigrants from la República Dominicana– a country that became my paradise my escape for as long as I can remember- made me want to scrape the beauty out of life with my fork even more.
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It’s now Saturday August 26th, 2017. I leave to San Francisco TOMORROW, and then to Senegal in a week.
It seems unbelievable that I am about to finally feed my wanderlust.
After years of it living off of scraps, it will finally get the five course meal it deserves.
I’m not afraid of being consumed by desire because it was that same intense hunger that brought me here. Here.
I am here because I hungered for more and I allowed myself to be consumed entirely by an emotion that would eventually bring me here. 


Jocari Peralta