Walking With a Purpose

Over the past five months living in Ecuador, I have become a strong, confident, and passionate woman. When I first arrived in Ecuador in September I was a girl, scared, and unsure of what was to come. Then as the months went by I started to find myself taking on new challenges, learning new customs, and being open to the culture around me. My awareness of growth also became part of my experience. No longer a sheltered high school student, I am now able to embrace that I’m not perfect and that’s okay! As the weeks start to go by faster and faster and I can look inward and see that I have grown to be the woman I wanted to become when I left home. Living in Ecuador has given the space to let myself feel but and grow on a whole new level in a short period of time. I have found a sense of consistency here in Ecuador, I consistently learn more, am open to more, and accept more that I did when I first left home. The young woman I am now has found a passion in special needs education. My apprenticeship awakened the dormant knowledge that working with children will be my path. The confidence that I have gained during my time in Ecuador is something I would not have found heading right off to college. I can now walk down the street and not worry what people think of me because I know who I am and where I am headed. I walk with purpose. There’s more to life than just the superficial things that society says are important. Ecuador was a blessing that will continue to shape my character for years to come.

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