View From the Roof

Senegal- a country with a 97% Muslim nation.

Prayers are five times a day- pre-dawn, noon, mid-afternoon, sunset, and dark.

The Calls to Prayer sound from mosques all over Dakar, and they are so frequent that sometimes I don’t notice that there is one going on- until the silence resounds.

I’m leaving Dakar for Joal-Fadiouth in an hour, and I have no idea what to expect. Part of me is excited to begin my apprenticeship (I am working with a women’s organization, Les Dynamiques Femmes), part of me feels uncomfortable with leaving so soon and starting over. There will be a new family to warm up to, new food, and a slightly different culture.

As a kind of recap, I wanted to give you guys- who as far as I know have never visited Dakar- a sense of what Dakar is like. So I whipped out my flipcam and I took a few shots! I hope it helps give you an idea!