Uma Receita Brasileira

Surprisingly enough, cake made up a huge part of my gap year. The first thing I ate when I gave up veganism was Bolo de Cenoura. Whether or not it was the culprit of my weight gain is unknown (but likely; cake was almost always a part of cafe da tarde (afternoon coffee break), and often a part of cafe da manha (breakfast). My host parents affectionately called me boleira as I experimented with Brazilian cake recipes and provided them with bolo often.
I soon found a favorite recipe, called Bolo de Chocolate, which I will share below, both in Portuguese and English. I made this cake quite a few times, and we usually it when it came hot out of the oven late at night, the mornings after for breakfast, and in the afternoons for coffee break. The frosting of this cake is an essential part.
Bolo de Chocolate
2 xc de trigo; 2 xc de acucar; 1 xc de nescau; 1 colher sopa de fermento
Misture tudo, faz uma cova no meio e coloque 3 ovos; 1 xc oleo e 1 xc agua fervendo e mexa rapidamente. Coloca a forma e poe assar.
Cobertura: 3 colheres sopa de margarina; 1 colher sopa de leite e 1/2 xc nescau. Poe a ferver, mexa um pouco e coloque em cima do bolo. 
Chocolate Cake
2 cups of flour; 2 cups of sugar; 1 cup of nescau (or cocoa powder), 1 tablespoon of baking powder
Mix all together, then make a pit in the middle and put in 3 eggs; 1 tablespoons of milk, and 1/2 cup of nescau.
Frosting: 3 tablespoons of margarine; 1 tablespoon of milk and 1/2 cup of nescau. Put to boil, mix a little bit and put on top of the cake.