Turn, Turn, Turn

Laura Rohrer - Brazil

September 21, 2010

When I think about what is happening to me right now, I think of that song by the Byrds called “Turn, Turn, Turn.” I see myself changing a lot this year. As I move to a place that’s entirely unfamiliar, I’m going to try my best to embrace all the differences I encounter.

I hope I have the stomach for this transition, but regardless of whether I do or don’t, I know that when I return to my home in Seattle Washington, I will have a stronger stomach.  More specifically, I hope that I will be more confident and assertive when I get home. I want to see how I change within the language I am speaking. How will Brazil influence me and what will be Brazilian about me when I get back? I come from an affluent northwestern family. My Dad makes sourdough bread from scratch, and I have a duvet cover over the goose-down comforter on my bed. My family has been loving, supportive, reliable and always there for me. Some of the challenges so many people struggle with: poverty, hunger, oppression, I have never encountered.

I hope that I can relate to my family in Brazil and to the people I meet there, and that through them, I can gain a better understanding of how people endure and persevere in less than fortunate situations. My hope is that I will build lasting relationships with people and when I get back home, I will want to go back soon. I chose to take a Global Citizen Year because I want to be more awake to the world, I want to be challenged, informed and I want to grow up. Almost of equal importance to me is that I feel like I’ve left a part of me in Brazil when I come home, so that it is certain that I have to return.

Laura Rohrer