Transportation In India PART 1

Auto Rickshaws

Indian Name-Auto

GCY Fellow Name- Rick





Rating: 4/5

This ride is one of the best I know to get somewhere fast. Due to the small size, they can weave through traffic pretty easily when compared to a car, and the local drivers normally know the fasted routes. The problem is, sometimes they will take a longer route to extend what they get paid for on the meter.




Rating: 2/5

I find the cost to be fair in most cases, if they use the meter. Rickshaw drivers are required by law to use a meter when charging customers, but that doesn’t always happen. When you go very far or very close by, auto drivers tend to be more likely to offer a fixed price or haggle with you. Ola shares and Uber pools are normally cheaper but autos can still be a very good price.




Rating: 2/5

This option isn’t the best for consistent long-term use. Its an open space and riding them too much can give you a bad cough and some trouble breathing. The drivers themselves are an interesting bunch and it is very hit or miss when it comes to them. If you are female, be warned there might be odd questions. If you are a foreigner, also be warned, the might be questions as well. You may have to haggle prices at some point, but don’t be afraid to say no. There are many other drivers. I suggest saying meter even if they offer you a price because sometimes they are trying to trick you into paying more because they know you are new to this country.






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