Transitions, Differences – Change

Meliza Windmoeller - Ecuador

April 23, 2013

*This is a poem written shortly after I moved from Napo to the province of Chimborazo to live*

What is the meaning of change?

The definition?

Is there even one?

Most importantly, how do we learn to embrace

Lo que nosotros no conocemos? (What we do not know)

When a life you worked hard to create

Slips through your fingers

Leaving a trail of memories

But no physical evidence…how do you adjust?

At first there is warm and salty water

Falling from your eyes –

The gateways to your soul

Etching the streams of pain inside.

Emotions compile together:

Fear – of the unknown

Anger – at the injustice

Denial – of the new reality

Loneliness – imagining the change

So eventually it’s difficut to distinguish

one from the other.

Sí sé que puedo hacer esto (Yes I know I can do this)

So my heart tells me

But why is there a mental block?

Since I can remember

Change has been a dirty word.

But also a challenge that eventually becomes


Next, there is nothing.

A void inside, waiting to be filled

Nonchalantly whispering snippets

Of what becomes


A child’s hug

A stranger’s smile

Or a gorgeous landscape.

What once was so unwelcome

Eventually becomes reality

Which is at last


Ama la

vida (Love Life).

Meliza Windmoeller