Today I accomplished a goal I set for my stay in Senegal. It was to…

Today I accomplished a goal I set for my stay in Senegal. It was to become one and not only Black American so I get different price then other people but to be called and claimed Senegalese. Not only my last name being the best in the whole Senegal cohort and being the first sereer heritage and to me and anyone that wants to argue on there last name behalf. My mane is Macoumba Senè and (Sene)gal starts off with my last name so senè family over everyone😂. But yes the first time I went to Goree Island I paid 5,500 and my friends. French speakers or people who they think are French pay 5,000. And Senegalese people pay 1,500. So I am happy to say I have reached full emerge-in. Because I didn’t care if I can speak the language if they still treated me like an out cast. When we are the same all the way around. One of my goals every where I go and been to is to connect with the community on there level to go Through the same emotions and to listen to what they don’t like about the world and tell them stuff I don’t like too. Family comes before everything in my heart so making bonds with people is what I love and cherish and hold to my heart because when I leave the memory of me will live on….
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