Tocando El Cielo

Hola mis amigos!

I am in the midst of finishing up another written blog. While you wait, here are some of my favorite pictures I have captured so far.

Just as a reminder, I arrived in Quito the 27th and will be staying here until Sept. 19 for In Country Training (ICO) which involves language classes and other sessions to prepare us for the months ahead.
Above is a Granadilla. A fruit very common here in Ecua and a favorite among us fellows!!
Between language classes and GCY sessions, we have a little time to explore Quito on our way to the next destination. Pictured is 2 of my very good friends: Emery (left) and Andrew in front of one of the many murals that are here!
The daily dose of caffeine during my break at EIL (our Spanish school) where you can actually see the erupting volcán Cotopaxi from the terrace!
On a ‘field trip’ during Spanish class, my group explored Centro Histórico and visited La Basilíca- a magnificent church with the most fantastic views/ photo opportunities. 
Some of us fellows took advantage of our free time this weekend and made our way up Volcán Pinchicha. A short gondola ride up the mountain and you have the most fantastic views of all of Quito with the option to hike up more. The clouds seemed tangible and the mountains that surrounded us made for a humbling and incredible experience. If only a camera could capture the true impressive beauty of this place.
!Ciao y hasta pronto! Good bye and see you soon!