To Infinity & Beyond

Completing capstone was not easy for me because it just made
me think about what I have left behind during my bridge-year experience. It has
caused me to develop the fear of losing important relationships I built with
the people in the above photo, and other people I met along my gap-year
journey. Relationships built during experiences like these are not easily forgotten.
You grow so close to those in your cohort. They become your in-country family,
and friends you hope to hold on to for the rest of your life.

Another thing I learned upon completing my capstone, is that
I can take more from my experience now that I am back in my original element.
Being in India offered me certain things home cannot. For example, things like
real butter milk. It has also brought how torn I am between America and India
to my attention. I am now unsure of where I call home. With this new confusion I
will continue to explore, cherish each moment with a better lens, and nurture
relationships in a better way. Thank to Global Citizen Year I have a plethora
of experiences I will carry from infinity to beyond.