This is Ecuador: Musica

Music is an integral part of my every day life here in Ecuador, whether it be listening to "Safari" ten thousand times with the teenagers in the kitchen where I work, dancing to Widinson Bomba with my three year old sister before dinner, diligently learning the lyrics to "Chantaje" with my ten year old brother, getting my salsa and bachata on at the discoteca, stepping to the beat of National music at local dance parties, knowing all of "Eres Mia" by heart (shoutout to Dom Snyder), struggling with Spanish songs on guitar, or waking up to neighbors blasting "Bailando" at 7 AM. The songs in this playlist, not necessarily from Ecuador or even in Spanish sometimes, from Cumbia to pop, have been the background to most of my days these past five months. Hope you enjoy a taste of what Ecuador is to me! 

Here is the link: