Things I have learned in the last five months

– the process of healing is incredibly important, but don’t get so
wrapped up in it that you lose part of yourself and forget to blossom. you
need to be okay at some point
– sometimes your problems aren’t something you can burn. sometimes it’s
not that easy, and that’s okay
– if you scratch a certain kind of itch too much, it will start to
bleed. leave it to heal on its own, and don’t tear yourself apart over it
– always be patient. always give second chances. don’t take anything too
– never say no to seeing friends. let them support you. support them
back. nothing is better than watching yourself grow with the people you
care about
– listen to Stevie Nicks
– question everything, most of all yourself
– think before you say things. but then say them
– rushing river water is the most effective immediate cure to bad