The World is in Front of Me.

Panchgani, Asia Plateau Mahashrata, India

I’m sitting, feet propped up on the ledge of a sixth floor balcony, looking out across the exotic flora. I guess It’s not that exotic though, in this land I’m the only exotic thing. The dense foliage from which a constant stream of tropical noises erupts: the chirping of colorful birds and the rustling of monkeys jumping through branches, is all quite normal. I am the only strange thing here. Beyond the monkeys lies the vast landscape of the Asia plateau, carpeted in the thick greenery of the monsoon season. The rain has cooled the air and sparked an explosion of colors across the land. Pillars of moss covered rock rise out of the land to form massive, tree topped plateaus. I finally got here at 5:30am today after weeks of training and 32 hours of travel. I’m still in absolute awe of my surroundings, the flavorful food, the beautiful plants, the interesting people, the deafening birds. I’ve never been happier to be somewhere new and I can’t wait for what’s to come.

Ike Lewis