The Volcanoes

Closing seminar just ended, meaning no more catch and release, also meaning
we are spending more time with our families and apprenticeships. For the
past month and a half, catching the 8:45am bus has been the norm every
single day. As I wake up and leave the house, the 2 volcanoes welcome me
out of my big comfy bed. The Imbabura volcano on the right, standing tall
over the city of Ibarra where I will soon take the bus to work at. The
Cotacachi volcano, its peak looking very jagged welcomes me on the left,
with a bit of snow patched on the top. It’s such a beautiful sight that I
can never get sick of, nor do the locals ever get sick of.

In Ibarra, in which I work with an NGO that helps kids with neurological
disabilities, has a beautiful view of the Imbabura Volcano towering down on
the city. Work has been relatively relaxed as I work a full day but there
are not many assignments of projects for me to do. However, I do get to
hangout with the kids and the therapists a lot which is always a pleasure.

As I return home from work at 6, the sun begins to set and as I walk the
same road back home from the bus station, the 2 volcanoes welcome me home.
Now on the left, the Imbabura volcano darkens as the Cotacachi volcano gets
its last bit of sun before it sets.

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