The Space In Between

“Beauty comes from expiration,” is what I was told this week. So does that mean that all of the beautiful experiences, people, and things will only truly show their value and essence at the end of this journey?

So you see, I took this gap year in search of beauty. A beauty that could not be accumulated through material things or come from a textbook, but a beauty that is strapped in the appreciation of both absence and presence. An appreciation for the presence of those who have accepted me into their community and their lives unconditionally and just as unknowingly as I was about what threshold they were about to cross and with whom. An appreciation for absence because those who have been the ground beneath me are now miles away and I can’t help but to know that although the ground I am on now is solid, it is a ground that has not rocked me to bed, tickled my soul, and crafted who I am. In time it will be that ground and so much more and I refuse to let those beautiful moments that solidify that ground go unnoticed.

So back to all of these beautiful things I am looking for and discovered only being truly unveiled until the end. Yes, hindsight is 20/20 when looking at the life you’ve left behind for a new one and the path you’ve now created, but I will make sure that at the end of every moment and the beginning of every new one, not to miss the space in between.