The Road Less Travled: Which Path Will You Take?

Just listed on the College Board website there are over 600 profiled majors, and that doesn’t even cover the plurality of subjects being created this very moment. In today’s day and age the college & career processes are quickly being expedited. I clearly remember sitting in my homeroom during sixth grade planning out the next seven years of my life, all  so that I could get into any college and department I wanted to. This seems great, right? Planning is supposed to help everyone. There’s just one problem… when you’re in sixth grade, much less in high school, you have no idea what you want to do with your life (at least the majority of people don’t).  Sure, I’ve wanted to be anything from an archaeologist to a cardiologist, but to say the least, those are differing interests. So the question stands,  how do you find out what you really care about? Where you want to impact the world? If you even want to impact the world?

As a freshly graduated high school senior, the past seven years seem to have zoomed by. I can still assuredly say that I don’t know where my path will lead. But what have I learned? I’m taking a gap year through Global Citizen Year. I will grow beyond my expectations and in ways I did not know, I will change, yet remain the same. I will have a chance to really consider what strikes a chord with me, and all before I attend UNC-CH.  Gap years are not for everyone, that is true. But to those who, like me, wallowed under the mountain of endless possibilities, a gap year could be the light at the end of the tunnel.