The product of culture shock


Trees with roots of patterns bent
and broken

The sea a gentle wash of white foam
and salted green

Walking home I sidestep plastic

Dancing past the fields of broken
bottles mixed among the sand

Water to sand

To roads

To home


Pulling my hand through velvet
blooms hanging past paint chipped walls and iron gates

Smiles tattooed blue mingling with
soft skin and calloused hands

Hands on metal

On wood

On skin


Tight and flowing cloth twisting
over curves, legs, and braids

Colorful minds portrayed with
subtle graffiti and psychedelic fabrics

Pop music mixed with the bleating
of goats

Music to yelling

To clapping

To dancing


Long bright sheets hanging in open

Shadows leaping from wall to wall
in time to the thin curtains fluttering with the breeze

Tiny bodies tightly wrapped around
strong feminine backs

Tiny feet

Coffee cheeks

Curly hair


Knees knocking together around a
bowl of spiced rice and fried fish

Hands bump hands amongst ringing
laughs and lovely words

A hundred differences next to a
world of similarities

World to country

To town

To home