The process of getting settled in Ecuador

Kimberly Reed-Hyman - Ecuador

November 21, 2012


“I can’t believe it, I’m finally here; my dream has become a reality.” That was the first thing I thought as I got off the plan from Miami. Honestly I didn’t know what I was in for, but I soon found out. Quito, the capital of Ecuador, was a lot like the U.S, except taxis are much cheaper and the malls are really expensive. My first two weeks in Quito were a struggle. I was trying my best to communicate and integrate into my host family. I also was trying to learn Spanish, which seemed impossible. I soon got sick, which made it even harder to get settled in. Quito and I weren’t getting along, and there didn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Then I found out I was going to be in the Amazon Region for most of my time in Ecuador and a glimmer begun to show.  I wanted this so badly and couldn’t wait to visit for a week. After my long trip, I made it to the Amazon and meet my host family. My dad and mom are young and nice. I have a 3 year old brother who is moody, but when he likes you it’s the best feeling. My Apprenticeship at the daycare was fun, but very hard. I found myself growing close to the kids and even closer to my two little cousins who always smile and reach out to give me a high five when I’m in sight. As the week quickly comes to and end, I find myself sad and crying because I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to stay with these new little friends I made and live happily ever after. The bus ride back to Quito was not only depressing, it was literally sickening. I found that the further I got from Muyana and the closer I got to Quito, I was getting more and more sick. Once I finally got to Quito, I felt weak and quickly went to my room. For three days I felt really sad and homesick.

My friends were so caring and invited me out for dancing. At first I resented, but then I gave in. I had lots fun dancing and it made me hopeful, optimistic about what the future held. Finally I’m enjoying myself!” I thought. The next two weeks in Quito were a breeze and just as soon as I started to get use to living in Quito, it was time to go back to Muyana. I had mixed feelings about this. But I just tried my best to be optimistic and prepare myself for what lies ahead. I’m ready to make a difference and make my stay in Muyana the best it could possibly be!

Kimberly Reed-Hyman