The Perks of Learning to Breathe

Russell Bollag-Miller - Senegal

February 10, 2012

As I mentally prepared for this year, there were things I knew I’d have to learn. I would need to learn new customs, new languages, how to live independently, and other alien concepts yet to be discovered. In fact, the things I did know were few and far between. Among this abundance of unlearned material, breathing was something that not once crossed my mind.

I have been breathing for a while now, just over 18 years and 10 months actually. And one would think that after that long of a time, I would have mastered the practice of inhalation and exhalation pretty well. By now, I could maybe call breathing a habit of sorts.

In spite of all that, I am only now learning what it means to breathe.

breath·ing | ˈbrē-thiŋ |


1  the process of expelling one’s worldview through the limited scope of a bendy straw, and inhaling a cornucopia brimming with rich outlooks.

2  a short time taken to examine one’s inner meaning, mind, and morals –  rekindling a desire to learn.

a pause to observe real life before one is to begin his own on his own, learning that the things that matter aren’t really things at all.

the process of taking in air and expelling it from the lungs : His breathing was calm as he reassessed, everything.

ORIGIN: Mberes, Ross Bethio, Senegal

Russell Bollag-Miller