The Neapolitan: A Reflection in Three Parts (1/3)

My passion project, also known as The Last Thirty Days (TLTD) Vlogs, started off as a way to jokingly fulfil my mom’s request for a “Day in the Life” video. It’s cool to see now how far that project has come and the amount of time I put into it.

To give some context, I filmed, edited, and published everything from my iPhone 7. Each video took 1-2.5 hours to edit. Each video thumbnail is designed to match the photo that closes out each video, and the songs at the end are never repeated.


Doing the videos and then watching them back gave me the opportunity to sit here now and have the option to click over to YouTube and rewatch March 27th if I really want to. There are things I’ve already begun to forget that I didn’t realize. But then I go back and watch a video and remember that, “hey, that was the day I was almost attacked by a dog,” or some other fun memory of that sort.


I didn’t initially start those vlogs to be my Capstone, but I’m so glad that they qualified. It gave me a reason to share them with my friends and family and promote them shamelessly. They definitely helped me improve my time management as well! 😛


I’m so thankful to have those videos and I can’t really imagine not having them now that I’m back in the states.


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