The Litter Problem of Uruguai: Community Project

Mary Kate Mueller - Brazil

February 26, 2013

Kim Asenbeck and I are developing a project to address this problem, captured in this video. BAND (a Brasilian news channel, went to Uruguai to bring attention to the open-sewage and litter problems. Children are playing in the sewers, getting hurt or even dying; people are bathing in and drinking the water, bringing them to tragic deaths as well. It is a serious hazard, and the litter is bringing dangerous bacteria and rats to the community. Someone in the community posted a photo to the Mayor’s Facebook, and only a few hours thereafter, the BAND news crew arrived to interview locals.

Kim and my community project will be addressing the litter problem, with an artistic twist.  The project’s intentions are to leave the residents inspired and mobilized about the issue.

Mary Kate Mueller