The Impossible

Due to difficulty accessing internet in my placement some blog posts may take weeks to put up.


“Seamos realistas soñamos lo imposible”

Let’s be realists… Let’s hope for the impossible.

This is a quote by Che Guevara, an important hero and role model for the farmers in the community where I live, a settlement for workers without land. I came across it when studying the movement that is so engrained in the lives of my family and neighbors and it struck me because of its relevance to my gap year outside of the movement.

Global Citizen Year was that impossible dream that I had been unconsciously pursuing before I even knew the program existed. As a child I would dream about traveling to far lands and different worlds. This was a dream that began in the books that were my constant companions and a dream that somewhere in the back of my mind I knew was impossible even at that age. My harsh reality made it difficult to believe in the possibility of living in a different one. I searched for an escape besides the ones I found in books and stories but as the years passed my ability to hope for and dream of another world weakened even more.

The summer before my senior year in college I learned about Global Citizen Year and those dreams I had forgotten returned. I, Brittany the realist, the adult was able to free Brittany, the dreamer, the child from the cage she had been locked away in. Global Citizen Year gave the dreamer and the realist an opportunity to reconcile and I once again learned to turn my eyes towards the “impossible” and achieve it

My path towards my Global Citizen Year was not an easy one. Another book I’m reading talks explains humanity as a long march on a path towards equality in which each individual receives a piece of the path to walk. The book goes on to explain how there are people who turn against their fellow walkers and throw dust in the eyes of others in order to get ahead. During this part of my walk towards my goals, I was forced to face many people who doubted me and tried to make me doubt myself by throwing their doubts , like dust, in my eyes. I was forced to face people situations, and realities I had been avoiding but in the process of facing them I found allies and support in the most unexpected places. People who held me up when I began to give up and who offered their shoulders to lean on when I needed it. It was thanks to their support that I was able to emerge from the dust a stronger fighter, ready to achieve that long awaited dream. This blog is a thank you them and an outlet to share a piece of my dream with those who helped make it a reality.