The Finale



Narva, Estonia, two years ago.


The adventure that first gifted me with the travel bug. Since then, I have visited two more countries and reached my long term goal of being bilingual. It’s feels as if I have met more incredible and influential people these past two years, than I had the previous seventeen years. These new friends have granted me a world of new perspectives. One of the most important perspectives I gained was how to live life better in the present, not in the past, dwelling on past mistakes or in the future, planning my next move. This enabled me to for what feels like one of the first times, to truly slow down and appreciate what was happening around me. There is truly beauty in simplicity, which is hard to appreciate when you’re moving at a hundred miles per hour. And oh wow was there beauty to seen in Florianopolis, from vibrant green rainforest hikes, to little monkeys swinging from trees, and deep blue waves crashing into the rocks I would watch from my perch.


Not a day goes by where I don’t feel incredibly fortunate of where I have landed or for the people who have helped me get here, especially my dad who has been my primary support through this entire journey we call life, no matter how many thousands of miles apart we are.


I made a little movie, that makes me smile everything I watch it, full of warm memories and the little moments that were a part of my daily life in Floripa. It barely scratches the surface of all that I experienced and that which played a part of my experience, but it’s hard to express in words or photos how meaningful and transformative those eight months were. So for now, I’m happy to leave you with this attempt.

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Amor e paz,