The Difference of a Week

Last week at this time tears rolled down my smiling face as the chaotic sound of 200 people dancing and singing rung throughout the dining hall of a summer camp. It isn’t just a summer camp. It’s home. During the summer as a camp counselor I met countless mentors and peers who I can now call family. Our camp family lives together, laughs together and cries together. We know each other, and we love each other. 

A week after that last meal in the dining hall, I am sitting next to a partially packed suitcase preparing to embark on yet another unknown adventure where I am confident I will once again create strong connections that will tear me apart when it is time to leave. Even though I know how much it will hurt to leave, that doesn’t stop me from giving my all to my Global Citizen Year.

Next week I will be on my way to California for Global Launch. I have learned to avoid setting expectations, but that doesn’t keep me from wondering where I will be living in a month, who I’ll be living with, and of course if anybody will be able to understand my broken Spanish.